The laws of Bridge

12 December 2023 – Revised Laws 73 & 89 published, to be effective from 1 January 2024. Click here to download the revisions.

The following files have also been amended with these revisions.

Word Files: 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge – paginated

PDF Files: 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge – paginated

The 2017 law changes continue to drive in the direction of the changes that were made by the 2007 laws. One aspect on which there is more emphasis in the new laws is the desire for the ruling to get a bridge outcome that is as close to possible to the outcome that would have happened without the infraction. That is, there is a desire to reduce the reliance on artificial adjusted scores (60%/40%) which should only apply as a last resort.

A full explanation of Law 23 – Comparable Calls

A simplified version for players

And this is how the Irish explain it.