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The Wellington Bridge Club is the largest bridge club in Wellington, offering quality bridge in spacious surroundings. The club rooms are situated at 17 Tinakori Road, Thorndon. While we have many grand masters and a number of current and past international players among our members, we offer sessions that are enjoyed by players at all levels. 

The club particularly encourages new players and our youth members through our programme of instruction, buddying and mentoring and reduced/zero membership fees for youth members.

We particularly welcome visitors. We can arrange for a partner for you if you contact us in advance.

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Different types of membership are available. 

Full Membership is $155.25 and includes the NZ Bridge levy of $23.

Associate Membership is $89.13 and includes the NZ Bridge levy of $23. Associate membership allows for up to 10 nights of play per year.

Daytime Membership is $89.13 and includes the NZ Bridge levy of $23.

The NZ Bridge levy is payable to your home club. If Wellington Bridge Club is not your home club, it will not be included in your Wellington Bridge Club membership fee. 

Youth Membership – 22 to 26 Years is $66.13. There is no NZ Bridge Levy for youth players 

Youth Membership – under 22 years is free

Online Only Membership – available to players outside the Wellington Region $23.00, this does not include the NZ Bridge Levy.

A pro rata membership fee will apply for members who join after the start of the year.

Table money

$8.00 table money is payable at each playing session at the club.
The table money for youth players is $2.00 per session. 
Table money for visitors is $10.00 per session.
Fee for online session is $6.00 per session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership application forms are available at the club or to have one mailed to you use the Contact us Button.

Non-members  are welcomed as visitors.  After 3 nights, visitors may be invited to join the Club.

Use our partner request form or email the Club Manager who will be pleased to arrange a compatible partner for you.

The Club has an ongoing schedule of beginners and improvers lessons. When scheduled, these are advertised on our home page, or you can see our Learn bridge page for more details.

You may play on any night. However, you are likely to get most enjoyment and satisfaction from playing with people at a similar level to yourself. The three face to face playing nights, while broadly streamed, are designed to provide the flexibility to encourage inter-grade play for the benefit of players. Friday afternoons are more social and are open to all members.

Certainly. You must join each club separately, but the NZ Bridge levy is paid once only at the club you nominate as your home club.